2 Officers File Suit Against UC Davis PD

Here’s a story about a second officer from the UC Davis Police Department who has file a suit alleging work place discrimination and harassment based on nationality and perceived sexual orientation. The first officer is openly gay and filed a suit this past February. And just 40 minutes away from UC Davis, the Roseville Police Department is being sued by three officers for work place harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Something new to law enforcement? No way. It’s just becoming more visible and gay and lesbian officers are making themselves more visible on the job. Homophobia is a problem in the vast majority of law enforcement agencies and has been present within the culture for decades. Only now are individuals standing up, coming out, and saying we’ve had enough and it’s time for a change.

Look for more from us about this topic in a special program we are premiering next month on KRCB Radio. More details to follow.

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