Hate Crimes Investigations

This course prepares law enforcement first responders to recognize, document and investigate hate crimes. Students will learn about state and federal hate crime laws, how to support hate crime victims, and hate crimes trends in the United States. The course is inclusive of all hate crime bias motivation types including sexual orientation and gender identity.

The learning outcomes for this course include:

  • The student will identify the elements of state and federal hate crimes law.
  • The student will identify evidence and indicators of a hate crime.
  • The student will explain how to effectively interact with hate crime victims.
  • The student will demonstrate how to document a hate crime.

This course reviews, updates, and expands on the content required in the basic academy. It is ideal for civilian and sworn first responders who are charged with taking crime reports that could involve a hate crime.  Completion of the basic police academy is not required to be successful in this class.  It is appropriate for civilian report takers, though it does include investigative steps that may be beyond the scope of a civilian position.

We offer two versions of this course including one specifically for California law enforcement personnel that is certified by California P.O.S.T.  California law enforcement personnel can earn 8 hours of CPT credit. We also offer a version for agencies outside of California.

What Students Have Said About This Course

  • It was very insightful on how we should be assessing potential hate crimes.
  • I learned a lot of history behind hate & bias crimes, hate crime investigations, & advocacy.
  • The best part was learning information about hate crimes that I did not already know.
  • I appreciated the various videos to support learning objectives.
  • The in-depth explanation of hate crime laws in CA and how to investigate and document hate crimes properly and thoroughly for eventual case submission to the DA’s Office for review and prosecution.
  • Very informative on the subject matter.

This course is also ideal for instructors charged with teaching hate crimes in the basic police academy or basic dispatcher course.  California law and policy is included in this course, but the activities and exercises are applicable to any location. The cost of this course is $30 and includes a certificate of completion.

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Out to Protect is proud to partner with the Matthew Shepard Foundation in offering this hate crimes training to law enforcement. We offer customized courses for agencies seeking to train multiple members of the department.  Click Here To Learn More about our customized training.