About The LGBT Liaison Network

The Mission:  The goal of the National Law Enforcement LGBT Liaison Network is to share information, educate and support individual LGBT liaison personnel and those agencies seeking to create a Law Enforcement LGBT Liaison Program.

We believe that LGBT Liaison Programs are highly successful in creating a relationship and building trust with the LGBTQ+ community that exists in every jurisdiction in the United States.  LGBT Liaison Programs provide a great service both to the community and the law enforcement agency by creating a primary point of contact for LGBTQ+ organizations and individuals for the purposes of problem-solving and addressing other quality of life issues.

This is not easy work and since the vast majority of LGBT Liaison Programs consistent of only one person, this network is an ideal vehicle to learn from others, share information, and problem solve within a community of experts.

Out To Protect is proud to provide a platform for this national network.  We are humbled by the participation and support of our leadership team. This website will provide a clearing house for model policies and programs as well as an access point to the subject matter experts who are here to help law enforcement agencies interested in creating an LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program.

In addition to this static resource, our intent is to provide opportunities for training and live discussions.  Becoming part of this network will provide you with access all that we have to offer.  The National Law Enforcement LGBT Liaison Network is open to all current LGBT Liaison personnel as well as law enforcement employees who are working for agencies interested in creating a program.

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