Kevin Burke LGBT Liaison Program Development Grant

LGBT Law enforcement Liaison Programs have proven to be highly effective in creating a relationship and building trust between law enforcement and local LGBTQ+ communities. The LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison serves the law enforcement agency by providing a source of information and expertise about LGBTQ+ people and the needs of the community.  For the LGBTQ+ community, the LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison provides a single point of contact for organizations and individuals needing a particular service from the law enforcement agency.

The purpose of this grant program is to help local law enforcement agencies create and successfully launch a new LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program.  The funding can be used to purchase materials, host a community event, or any other activity that will result in the creation and implementation of a new LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program.

Grant Criteria

  • Funding must be used to create and implement a new LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program.
  • Funding may not be used for any personnel costs, food, or to reimburse previous expenses and already purchased items.
  • The chief executive must commit to developing and implementing an LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program.

Funding may be requested for developing brochures and other materials that promote the LGBT Liaison Program. Whenever possible, we ask that grantees include the Out to Protect logo and mention of our sponsorship. Focus requests on funding to build and sustain the program. Grantees are also asked to report back on how the funds provided were actually used.

This grant provides up to $1000 in funding plus seats for agency personnel in the LGBT Liaison Academy.  In addition, grantees will get the $500 fee for initial program accreditation waived.  Applications can be submitted online at any time with awards being made typically in June and December.

To apply for a grant, complete the application form below.  Be sure to provide as much detail for how the funds will be used. Please upload to the application a letter on agency letterhead signed by the chief executive that commits to developing and implementing an LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program.

    Law Enforcement Agency Name:

    Applicant Name (First and Last Name):

    Applicant's Title:

    Applicant's Email Address:

    Applicant's Phone Number:

    What steps has your organization taken toward creating an LGBT Liaison Program? (Check all that apply)

    What is the total amount of funding you are requesting?

    Provide a detailed line-item budget for the requested funding. Include items to build and sustain a program. Do not include previously purchased items (for reimbursement), food, or personnel costs.

    Explain in detail how the funding will be used to create, implement, and or sustain a new LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program. If you are planning an event, include all the details including dates and locations. If you are planning to purchase materials, describe them in detail including quantities.

    Submit a letter of commitment to implement and sustain a LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program signed by the agency executive.

    Please use this space for any notes or comments regarding your application.

    I certify that the information in this application is true and correct.