LGBT Liaison Academy Alumni

Out To Protect congratulates the following graduates of the LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy. Each of the names appearing below has successfully completed 24 hours of certified training on how to create and operate an LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison program, LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement Training For Trainers, and Hate Crimes Investigations.

Class of 2024

Kendra Charlesworth, California Highway Patrol
James Delos Santos, South San Francisco Police Department
Jamie Green, Maplewood Police Department
Dalon Littlejohn, Delta Community College Police Department

Class of 2023

Giselle Acevedo, Pacific Grove Police Department
Denise Alvarez – San Jose Police Department
Kyle Appleby – Douglas County Sheriff’s Department
Morgan Ballis – Hailey Police Department
Dawn Beauchesne – Lowell Police Department
Cristina Beltrani – Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Nichole Brown – Metro Police Department Washington D.C.
Evalyn Casper – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Lee Catavu – Aurora Police Department
Agustin Champion – University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department
Suzanne Cunanan – Pacifica Police Department
Janae Draper – Waco Police Department
Brandon Erekson – West Bountiful Police Department
Armando Espitia – Mountain View Police Department
Eulalia Colon – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Mara Everson – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Natali Fant – Carlsbad Police Department
Michelle Folmar – Denver Police Department
Dezjorn Gauthier – Wisconsin State Fair Police Department
Joseph Hall – Milwaukee Police Department
David Harston – Berkeley Police Department
Wil Harris – West Bountiful Police Department
Heather Helms – Fort Lauderdale Police Department
Jonathon Houston – Sacramento Police Department
Anthony Kasper – Solano County Sheriff’s Department
Joshua Koen – Denver Police Department
Dorian Korieo – Seattle Police Department
Jenn Krump – University of Mississippi Medical Center Police Department
Maria Lloyd – RTA Police Department
Ketty Louissaint – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Kimberly Maki – Washington State Patrol
Dominick Martorelli – New York Police Department
Summer McCray – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Solimar Miranda – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Dominque Pettinato, New York Police Department
Robin Petrie – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Samantha Polvere – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Jennifer Pritchard – Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety
Catherine Reges – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Ashley Sanchez – Oceanside Police Department
Alex Saragusa – Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department
Edward Senatore – International EMS And Fire Fighters Pride Alliance
Amanda Severin – Aspen Police Department
Cary Shueh – Mountain View Police Department
Gary Stone – Lakewood Police Department
Toni Sumrall – University of Mississippi Medical Center Police
Kevin Turner – South Fulton Police Department
Desiree Walker – Metro Police Washington D.C.
Jace Valcore – Denver Sheriff’s Department
Marco Vargas – Georgia State University Police Department
Beth Victoriano – University of Mississippi Medical Center Police
Ariana Zuk – Lakewood Police Department

Class of 2022

Heather Bruner – Cleveland Division of Police
Katelynn Chuilli – Berklee University Police Department
Samuel Cropp – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Shannon Crow – Erie Police Department
Mara Everson – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Dawn Grieshop – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Jose Gurule – Denver Sheriff’s Department
Michelle Kotlik – Irving Police Department
Anthony Maddox – Out Emergency Services
Ian Matheson – Keene State College Department of Campus Safety
Michele Meister – Virginia Beach Police Department
Christina Muzzipapa – Erie Police Department
Natalie Nimmo – Round Rock Police Department
Claire Owens – Williamsburg Police Department
Tyler Andrew Peppard – Oceanside Police Department
Shantel Pickett – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Brandon Ragan – Orange County Sheriff’s Department
Kaitlynn Risner – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Alex Rocha – Largo Police Department
Melinda Schubert – Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office
Daniela Simone – Hoboken Police Department
Sam “Miles” Sosbe – Savannah Police Department
Jennifer Stormont – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Cara Thoen – Erie Police Department
Jherlynn Tims – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Carlos Rene Ulloa – Kansas City Police Department
Taylor Vonderhaar – Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
Ryan Weiner – Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office
Amanda White – Orlando Police Department
Glenn Young – Salem State University Police Department

These graduates successfully demonstrated the ability to meet the following learning outcomes.

  1. Students will identify the key tasks and responsibilities of an LGBT Liaison.
  2. Students will develop communication pathways between the LGBT Liaison and community.
  3. Students will identify key people and community organizations to create relationships and partnership with as an LGBT Liaison.
  4. Students will create a community event designed to build trust between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community.
  5. Students will demonstrate how to develop and deliver LGBT awareness training for members of law enforcement.
  6. Students will demonstrate how to identify a hate crime and the basic investigative steps required to prepare a case for prosecution.

The LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy is the only one of its kind in the United States. It is a hands-on course that include three components each of which is certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.