Accredited LGBT Liaison Programs

Accredited Law Enforcement Agencies

Upon the recommendation of the National LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Network Peer Review Committee and the Board of Directors of Out to Protect, the following law enforcement agencies have been awarded accreditation of their LGBT Law Enforcement Community Liaison programs.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office – Florida
Sheriff John W. Mina
May 2023-2026

Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety – California
Chief Tim Mattos
August 2023-2026

Denver Police Department – Colorado
Chief Ron Thomas
September 2023-2026

Accreditation Standards

The above noted law enforcement agencies have demonstrated with evidence of having met a rigorous set of standards including:

The LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Program is institutionalized and sustainable. 
The LGBT Liaison builds community relationships and trust.
The LGBT Liaison has established communications pathways.
The LGBT Liaison Is Engaged With The Community throughout the year. 

A full-time employee is currently assigned and trained to serve as the LGBT Liaison. 

Accreditation is awarded for a three year period.  Annual updates and reporting is required to maintain accreditation.