Accreditation Annual Update


An important part of maintaining accreditation of your LGBT Community Liaison Program is staying current with meeting the accreditation standards and engaged with your local LGBTQ+ community. The purpose of this annual update process is to give LGBT Liaisons a chance to reflect on their accomplishments and challenges and to plan for the coming year.  Submission of this annual update is required for each year in between accreditation cycles.  There are no fees required for this annual update.  Re-accreditation is required every three years.

If you are seeking accreditation for the first time or needing to complete the re-accreditation process, please complete the Application for Accreditation.

Steps To Complete The Annual Update Process

  1. Review the LGBT Community Liaison Accreditation Guide and note any changes in your agency meets these standards.
  2. Review the form below and gather all of the information required to submit the report.
  3. Download the twelve-month Action Plan (fillable PDF) and complete your plan in preparation for uploading it at the end of this form.

    Applicant Information

    What is your first and last name?

    What is your agency email address?

    What is your telephone number?

    What is the name of your law enforcement agency?

    What is the complete mailing address for your agency?
    (Street address, city, state, zip code)

    Annual Accreditation Update

    Please provide a summary of the LGBT Liaison Program's activities and accomplishments over the last 12 months. Includes details of events, community meetings, trainings, and any community emergencies, such as a hate crime, that liaisons have supported.

    After reviewing your action plan for last year, please describe any obstacles that prevented you from accomplishing your goals and completing the plan.

    Please describe any changes, if any, to how your agency is meeting the LGBT Community Liaison Accreditation Standards. (If none, enter "NA")

    Use this space for any comments, questions, or additional information you would like us to know.

    Upload your action plan for the next 12 months here.