Training Grant Program

We believe the best way to combat homophobia and to create a greater awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people working in law enforcement is through training and education.  It’s rare to find this kind of training required in basic and in-service law enforcement training programs; therefore it can be difficult to fund.  This grant program offers law enforcement agencies in the United States up to $1000 to fund training programs specifically designed to increase awareness and understanding of LGBT people working in law enforcement and to combat homophobia within law enforcement.  We believe training can also improve the understanding of LGBT people out in the community and how law enforcement can better serve LGBT citizens.

We are particularly interested in funding grants to:

  • Combat homophobia within law enforcement
  • Build a relationship and trust between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community.

Initiatives and programs that could meet these interests and that could be funded include speakers for conferences, developing LGBT awareness instructors, providing LGBT awareness training, developing LGBT liaison programs, and training LGBT liaison personnel.  This is not an exclusive list, but merely some examples of what could be funded.

The requirements for this grant include:

  • Being a member of a law enforcement agency within the United States
  • Demonstrating how the training program will create a greater awareness of LGBT people working in law enforcement
  • Providing a detailed budget for how the grant will be used
  • A letter of support for the training on letterhead signed by the agency executive

How to apply:

To apply of this grant, complete the application form below.  Be sure to provide as much detail about the program as possible in order to demonstrate how the training will create a greater awareness and understanding of LGBT people working in law enforcement.  When describing the budget, be sure to include all costs of the program even if it exceeds the amount requested.   This grant can fund up to $1000 that could be used for a speaker, video materials, books, or other specific parts of the program. Grantees will be provided with up to 5 seats in our LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement Training For Trainers course.

Be sure to obtain a letter supporting the training program on agency letterhead and signed by the agency executive.  Submit the letter electronically in PDF format.

Grant Application:

    Name of your law enforcement agency:

    Applicant's Name (First and Last Name):

    Applicant's Title:

    Applicant's Email Address:

    Applicant's Phone Number:

    Describe the training program you are wishing to fund. Include the content, length, and description of the audience.

    Describe how this training will create a greater understanding and awareness of LGBT members of law enforcement and combat homophobia in the profession and or how this program will build a relationship and increase trust between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community.

    When is the training program scheduled to be delivered?

    Please provide a detailed line-item budget for the training program described above.

    What is the total amount you are requesting and what part of the program you intend to fund with the grant?

    Submit a letter of support for this training program on letterhead and signed by the agency executive.

    Please use this space for any notes or comments regarding your application.

    I certify that the information in this application is true and correct and that I have the support from my law enforcement agency executive for this training.