LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy

LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison programs are highly effective ways for law enforcement agencies to build trust and increase community engagement with the LGBTQ+ community. Every law enforcement agency needs an LGBT Liaison as part of the commitment to community policing and procedural justice.


About The LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy

Our LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy is designed to help participants design and build a successful program from the ground up. The course content was developed based on a nationwide job task analysis we completed in 2021.  Although many law enforcement agencies have an LGBT Liaison, few have anything documented or formalized.  This course will not only provide individuals assigned to this role with the knowledge they need, but will also help institutionalize and memorialize the program so that it is sustainable. A certified training program like this one provides credibility for both the individual acting as the Liaison and the program itself.

The following is a list of learning outcomes for the LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy:

  1. Students will identify the key tasks and responsibilities of an LGBT Liaison.
  2. Students will develop communication pathways between the LGBT Liaison and community.
  3. Students will identify key people and community organizations to create relationships and partnership with as an LGBT Liaison.
  4. Students will create a community event designed to build trust between law enforcement and the LGBTQ+ community.
  5. Students will demonstrate how to develop and deliver LGBT awareness training for members of law enforcement.
  6. Students will demonstrate how to identify a hate crime and the basic investigative steps required to prepare a case for prosecution.

We call this an “academy” because the course includes three different classes in one. When you enroll in this program, you will complete three classes including:

  • LGBT Community Liaison (the master class) – 8 hours
  • LGBT Awareness Training For Trainers – 8 hours
  • Hate Crimes Investigations – 8 hours

If you have already completed the LGBT Awareness Training For Trainers or Hate Crimes Investigations class, you can submit a copy of your course completion certificate to satisfy the requirements for this course and move ahead.

To graduate from the Liaison Academy, you must successfully complete all three parts of the program by the completion date of the course. All three classes are certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training.  California law enforcement personnel can earn 24 hours of CPT credit for completing all three classes (8 hours each).

The entire academy is available online using the Canvas learning management system. No special software is required and the course can be accessed from any Windows or Apple device.

This program does more than simply show you how to create a program. The assignments will have you actually building the essential components of a successful program.  Course work requires completion of several projects including planning a community event, participation in online discussions, and passing two tests. Participants can expect to spend 24 hours or more completing the academy.  Graduates will receive a certificate and an exclusive LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison challenge coin. After completing the course, your Liaison Program will be ready for accreditation.

What Graduates Have Said

“We are a small rural department in Idaho.  This course is everything we needed to begin building our LGBTQ liaison position and protocols.  We can’t thank you enough for creating such an incredible resource and learning tool.  Keep up the great work!”

“There are so many things I valued about this course. This really defined what my role is or should be. The Hate Crimes Investigation class was super interesting and informative.”

“This class really means so much to me. I am proud to have completed it. This course was really well done with a lot of intention. Thank you for providing such a lifechanging tool!”

The cost of this course is $195. For members of law enforcement registering for this course for the first time, the Matthew Shepard Foundation is providing a full scholarship. The scholarship is automatically applied at the time of registration using the correct link below.

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If you are looking for an in-person version of this training, join us in Orlando, Florida in June 2024.  Learn more and register now.