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October 12, 2015 (Santa Rosa, CA) Author Greg Miraglia announced today the release of his third book, “Coming Out From Behind The Badge – 2nd Edition” is set for release on January 1, 2016.  This new book picks up where the first edition left off and offers 300 pages with new stories and content about being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender in law enforcement.  This new book updates  Mr. Miraglia’s own story and features interviews, letters, and personal stories from real law enforcement officers from around the United States who are “out” on the job.

cofbtb2819x1024The 2nd edition includes new chapters explaining the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity, LGBT history related to law enforcement, an expanded guide for how to “come out,” and new advice for law enforcement executives on how to create an inclusive workplace free from homophobia.

“Coming Out From Behind The Badge” makes an ideal textbook for police academies and classes in community policing, administration of justice, public administration, and workplace harassment and discrimination prevention.  A new instructor guide is available to accompany the book to support teachers with course outlines, leaning outcomes, learning activities, and critical thinking questions.

Greg Miraglia has been working in law enforcement for 34 years.  He served three police departments rising to the rank of deputy chief.  He is currently the dean of the Criminal Justice Training Center at Napa Valley College and developed one of the first accredited LGBT Studies certificate programs in California.  Mr. Miraglia teaches community policing, human relations, and three courses in the LGBT Studies program.

DraftBackCoverGreg Miraglia wrote his first book in 2007 and said, “My goal has always been to support especially closeted gay law enforcement personnel and to help them come out in order to find the same happiness I have.”  Mr. Miraglia published his second book, “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge” in 2011.  Miraglia said, “Homophobia continues to be a pervasive problem in law enforcement throughout the United States.  This new edition of ‘Coming Out From Behind The Badge’ is designed to help law enforcement gain a better understanding of LGBT people within the ranks and out in the community with hope of eliminating homophobia.”

We are pleased to be working with our new publisher, Book Baby, to make this new book available through a variety of sources.  Pre-orders are now being accepted by online book sellers including and Barnes And Noble.  Wholesale distribution is available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, NACSCORP, Book-A-Zine, BPDI Corp, Espresso Book Machine and their various subsidiaries and international partners.  The official release event and celebration will take place on April 9, 2016 at the 25th anniversary celebration of the New England Gay Officers Action League in Boston.

6″X9″  300 pages
Library of Congress Control Number 2015915288
Hardcover ISBN: 978682222478  Suggested Retail Price: $39.95
Publisher:  Book Baby
Recommended Categories:  Self-Help, Health and Sexuality, LGBT Studies, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Community Policing, Diversity Studies, Anthologies

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