Writing Guide Part 5

Wrapping It Up And Offering Advice

Over the last four months, we’ve prompted you with just a few questions to consider while writing your story. Everyone’s experience is different, and yet, there are common threads to be found in almost every story. And this is what our readers are craving. They want to see themselves in the stories of others and to know they are just like everyone else. Our readers want to see examples of how others maneuvered through the coming out process and found success as an “out” LGBT member of law enforcement. Your story can help others by not only sharing your experiences, but also by offering your own advice.

Mature Police Officer PortraitYou may be thinking, “well I’m no expert,” or, “gosh, I don’t want to give any advice that might make it worse.” Well the fact is that you are an expert. There are also many “right” answers to the questions of how to come out and how to manage being an LGBT member of law enforcement. You are not expected to have the advice that will work for every reader. Just offer what you believe and let the reader decide for themselves if the advice is good for them.

We’ve come to the point where it’s time to think about how to conclude your story. We would like to include advice from everyone who contributes a story to this book. You can include your advice within your story as you move through your experiences and, or you can summarize your advice at the end in your conclusion. Your conclusion should also include your hopes and vision of your future. What is it that you want? Promotion? A relationship? A family? Where do you see yourself in ten years?

As you consider what advice you want to offer, imagine yourself in a classroom filled with LGBT police recruits and working law enforcement professionals. You are the teacher and giving a class on being LGBT in law enforcement and how to come out. What would your lesson include? What are the most important take-aways from your story that you want the audience to remember? This is your chance to really leave the reader with a “gold nugget” that they can use in their own lives.

You have just 60 days to finish up your story and submit it through our website. Next month, we will focus on proof reading and finalizing your submission.