Training For Law Enforcement

Now more than ever, law enforcement professionals at every level need to understand sexual orientation and gender identity – more specifically, they need to understand non-heterosexual and gender non-conforming minorities – the LGBTQ+ community.

Most states do not require any discussion about these issues in basic or advanced training programs.  The reality is that sexual orientation and gender non-conforming minorities exist in every jurisdiction served by every law enforcement agency in the world.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people exist in every race, nationality, ethnicity, and religion.  So no matter what the visible demographic of a jurisdiction may be, LGBTQ+ people are there.  We also know that LGBT people are targets for hate crimes second only to those targeted because of their race. Domestic violence is also an issue in same-sex relationships as it is in straight relationships. While LGBT awareness training may not have been readily available to law enforcement in the past, we are happy to offer a source today.

We now provide LGBT awareness training for law enforcement on a variety of levels.  We offer everything from course materials to actual training, online and in person.

Our newest book, “Coming Out From Behind The Badge – 2nd Edition” is an ideal foundational text and provides an excellent source of awareness training all on its own.  It includes chapters on sexual orientation and gender identity, LGBT history related to law enforcement, and guidelines for how to create an inclusive workplace.  Our course outlines and lesson plans integrate the book content into a “total training package” making it easy for an instructor to incorporate meaningful content into an existing course.

Our newest addition to the training we provide is our online LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course.  Now law enforcement professionals and students can complete a course of training on their own from anywhere with Internet access.  The course can be accessed in a patrol car or on a mobile device.  It too integrates our book and provides activities and videos to compliment the content.

We offer several in-person training programs that work well in a conference setting as well as within basic and advanced training programs.  We can provide everything from a speaker, to a panel discussion, to a complete community immersion experience.

We believe strongly in community policing and know that trust is central to every successful relationship between police and the people it they serve.  We also believe that an inclusive and safe workplace for LGBT law enforcement employees is central to the success of every law enforcement agency.  Our goal with all of this content and programming is to provide law enforcement with the knowledge and skills necessary to support its own LGBT members as well as the greater LGBT community law enforcement serves.