Santa Clara County Schools Receive Library Grant

March 6, 2023 (Santa Rosa, CA)

Out to Protect awarded a Library Grant to the Santa Clara, California, Office of Education to provide five copies each of “Coming Out From Behind the Badge” and “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge” for the school district’s five student libraries.

Aries Yumul, Coordinator of LGBTQ+ District Resources and Support said,

“As the Coordinator of LGBTQ+ District Resources and Support for the Santa Clara County Office of Education, a central part of our mission is to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members of law enforcement to “come out” and to live an authentic life.This mission also includes supporting LGBT people who are pursuing a career in law enforcement. We believe that “Coming Out From Behind The Badge” and “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge” would be valuable resources for the school libraries in our district. By making these stories more accessible to law enforcement agency leaders, LGBT employees, and those who aspire to join the law enforcement profession, we hope to promote a more inclusive and supportive environment for our community.”

Out to Protect founder and CEO, Greg Miraglia, said, “We are excited to provide copies of our books for school libraries in Santa Clara. This is especially important at a time in our country when legislators and state Governors are ordering the removal of LGBTQ+ books from school libraries. Book bans are dangerous forms of censorship that we have seen happen before in history. They harm children. LGBTQ+ young people need to see themselves in the world and to realize they are not alone. For law enforcement, we hope young people who read our books will be inspired to join the profession.”

The Library Grant Program offered by Out to Protect is funded entirely by private donations. Miraglia said, “We are deeply grateful to all of donors especially those who contribute every month to make programs like this possible for the betterment of our young people.”

The Out to Protect board of directors congratulates Aries Yumul and the Santa Clara Office of Education on receiving this grant. The board appreciates this school district’s commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ youth.