SFPD Releases “It Gets Better” Video

One of the major goals of our books and web content is to encourage LGBT members of law enforcement to “come out” and to share their stories with the intent of inspiring other still closeted members of law enforcement come out and to stop living in a world of fear and lies.  Today “out” members of the San Francisco Police Department demonstrated real leadership toward this goal by releasing their “It Gets Better Video.”  While this project is clearly directed at LGBT youth via the It Gets Better Project, there is no doubt that if you are an LGBT member of law enforcement, closeted or not, you will find their message truly inspiring.


Young LGBT people need to see themselves in whatever dream they have for their future.  They need to see, as in this case, that no matter their sexual orientation, that they can become a police officer, deputy sheriff, or other member of law enforcement as an “out” member of the LGBT community.  San Francisco PD has always been way ahead of the profession in its support of their own LGBT members and has set the example for other departments to follow.  This is the first professional “It Gets Better” video produced and released by a police department with the full support of the police chief and mayor.  I can only hope that other departments around the country will be similarly inspired.  Our LGBT youth as well as working LGBT members of law enforcement need to see this and hear from law enforcement executives and civic leaders that being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender is a gift and a difference valued by the department and law enforcement profession.

My personal thanks to every member of the San Francisco Police Department who participated in this video on camera and off.  You are amazing and wonderful role models for us all.  I could not be more proud of you all.

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