Out To Protect Formalizes Partnership With US DOJ COPS Office

January 11, 2022 (Santa Rosa, CA) Out To Protect founder and CEO Greg Miraglia announced today a formal partnership with the United States Department of Justice COPS Office. “Through the years, the COPS Office has become the go-to organization for law enforcement agencies across the country and continues to listen to the field and provide the resources that are needed to reduce crime and build trust between law enforcement and the communities served.” – U.S. Department of Justice

Greg Miraglia said, “We are honored to become a formal partner with the U.S. Department of Justice and their pursuit of effective community policing in the United States. We believe our LGBT awareness and hate crimes investigations training courses will add valuable content to the vast collection of innovative resources offered to law enforcement throughout the United States by the COPS Office.”

Out To Protect provides three online training courses to law enforcement professionals at no cost. These classes include LGBT Awareness for first-responders and executives as well as Hate Crimes Investigations for first-responders. In addition, Out To Protect hosts the National LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Network and has a website with even more resources supporting LGBTQ+ members of law enforcement.