First Out To Protect Scholarship Awarded

The Board of Directors of the Out To Protect Scholarship Program are pleased to announce their first award of a national scholarship to Julianne Zuniga of Vallejo, California. She was selected to receive a $500.00 scholarship after a nationwide search for qualified applicants currently enrolled in a basic law enforcement training program who met the following qualifications:

Identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or a straight ally and be “out” to your family, friends, and peers at the academy or law enforcement agency.
Be a recognized role model by your peers and supervisors.
Demonstrate use of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics as a guide for decision making.
Demonstrate being able to graduate from your law enforcement training program.

Ms. Zuniga graduated from the Basic Police Academy at Napa Valley College yesterday. She quickly established herself as a role model for other students in her class and was selected by her peers
and the academy staff to be a permanent squad leader. She has a solid track record of making ethical decisions and conducting herself in a consistently professional and disciplined manner. “I have achieved many goals in the police academy. I never thought it would be this tough to go through training, both physically and mentally and I am proud to say that I have made it. I plan to continue being an effective role model as a lesbian by never letting go of my morals and ethics. I will continue to be an effective leader in the agency that I work in and always set my standards high for others to follow. I will stay true to myself and always do what is right. I will never hide who I truly am and I will stand proud” Zuniga said. “I’m so proud to present this ‘first of its kind’ scholarship to such a fine young woman” said Greg Miraglia, founder and President of Out to Protect Incorporated.

Out To Protect Incorporated was founded in March of 2009 by Greg Miraglia, author of “Coming Out From Behind The Badge,” a book for and about LGBT law enforcement professionals who have come out on the job. Miraglia said, “The most effective way to eliminate homophobia in law enforcement is for outstanding role models like Julianne Zuniga to demonstrate that members of the LGBT community can work effectively as law enforcement professionals.

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