Celebrating The End Of DADT

Today, our nation put to rest forever “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” a policy that prevented some 14,000 members of our nation’s military from being honest about who they are.  This policy has forced honorable men and women to hide who they are not only from their peers and commanding officers, but from their parents, family and friends.  Today, they are finally free to be who they are and no longer required to bare the burden of keeping who they are a secret from anyone.

It takes more courage than I have to serve in a branch of our military.  It’s amazing to me that many people still find that it takes more courage to come out than it does to fight for our freedom.  All of this aside, I found myself completely moved today while I watched this incredible soldier share with the world such an important moment with his parents.  I am humbled by his courage and can only call him a true role model of bravery and courage for others.  What a gift he gave all of those who are still in the closet looking for the way out.

The first call he made to his dad.


The second call he made to his mom.


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