Book Preview: Dedication

After publishing my second book, “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge,” I said that it would be the last.  While I love the creativity and process of writing, working with publishers is challenging to say the very least.  But when I got a call from New England Goal last year asking me to be part of their 25th anniversary celebration this coming year, it caused me to think about my own 30th anniversary teaching happening that the same time.  I thought about all of the change I’ve witnessed happen since coming out myself in 2004.  I also read through the hundreds of emails I’ve received since the first book was published from officers all over the country.  And then I got a call from an officer who was suffering deeply while being forced out of the closet by the homophobia in his department, right now – t0day – in this post marriage equality time of 2015.  I was reminded by all of this of the work and education still needed.

I’ve been so fortunate to have been surrounded all my life by incredible role models and mentors.  From my parents to my friends and colleagues in law enforcement, all have been truly amazing and in some way or another brought me to where I am today.  With retirement from full time work in clear view, 2016 seems to be the ideal year to update my own story and to release this new book dedicated to those who have helped me make it all possible.

Here is the dedication from inside the book.

cofbtb2819x1024As this edition of Coming out from behind the Badge is published, I am preparing to retire from full-time work and reflecting on 35 years of experience in law enforcement. The list of people who have contributed to my success exceeds the space available in these pages. I will forever be grateful to the mentors, role models, colleagues, and precious friends I’ve made during my journey. I am humbled by their care and support.

This book is dedicated to men and women in law enforcement who shared their knowledge, experience, and friendship with me. Thank you for your inspiration and becoming a part of my work and my life.

The stories, history, and advice in this book would never have made it to print without the encouragement, love and support I get every day from my husband, Tony Pennacchio. Thank you for being such an important part of my journey and for continuing to be a core part of my life—I love you.

“Coming Out From Behind The Badge – 2nd Edition” is set for release on January 1, 2016.  You can pre-order a copy now via Amazon or Barnes and Noble.