Support For Colorado Springs

November 20, 2022 (Santa Rosa, CA) This morning we woke to news of another mass shooting targeting the LGBTQ+ community, this time in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Members of our community at the Q Club suffered the loss of five lives and injuries to many others in a senseless act of violence.

We truly appreciate the first responders from Colorado Springs who were on the scene within minutes of the reported shooting. We also appreciate the response of other law enforcement agencies, including our federal partners, who are in contact with the Colorado Springs Police Department and stand ready to assist in any capacity warranted.

History has shown us that tragic events like this one can happen any where in our country and that law enforcement must be prepared. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the role the LGBT Law Enforcement Community Liaison plays when an emergency like this occurs.

Club Q Tribute

We continue to be thankful for trained law enforcement officers and agencies who are connected and engaged with the LGBTQ+ community.  We stand with all of those members of law enforcement working in Colorado Springs investigating this incident and to restore a sense of safety and security for the LGBTQ+ community.