Spring 2018 Scholarship Recipient

John Corsi has spent his life working to serve and help others in need. After high school he began attending college and worked as a consultant focusing on security issues and investigations. After working overseas he took a management position in a program where he worked extensively with American law enforcement officers. He was impressed with the passion, dedication, and professionalism that seemed to be universal among them. The impression he was left with led him to make a career change; wanting to go where he could be surrounded by people with those same values and ethics he chose local law enforcement. Seeing this as a new opportunity to serve and help those in need, he started with the Norfolk Police Department’s Basic Law Enforcement Academy in June 2017, continuing training until a Defensive Tactics injury left him unable to train further. Following surgery John was detailed to units of the Norfolk Police Department where he could support the department’s operations while completing physical therapy. After a rapid recovery and with the overwhelming support of his Academy instructors, John returned to the next session of Norfolk’s Basic Law Enforcement Academy. John served as a leader in the class and completed the Academy with high rankings for marksmanship and academics, graduating on July 5, 2018. He is proud to be one of many gay men who make up the larger LGBT community within his department and his city.  He knows the calling of law enforcement will allow him to help others and serve his community, but he also knows it will give him a unique opportunity to connect with and support the LGBT people of his city.