Out To Protect To Present At F.B.I. National Academy


September 28, 2021 (Santa Rosa, CA) The F.B.I. National Academy has invited Out To Protect president Greg Miraglia and board vice-president Damien Sandoval to present the LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course to the 280th session of the F.B.I. National Academy.

Next month, Greg Miraglia and Damien Sandoval will travel to Quantico, Virginia to the F.B.I. Academy facility.  They will present Out To Protect’s LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement course to an audience of law enforcement executives from around the United States and several foreign countries.  This is historic for the F.B.I. and the first time this course will be presented at the National Academy.

The F.B.I. National Academy is a highly prestigious program requiring participants to apply to attend.  Only a select few are chosen for each class. Greg Miraglia said, “To think just 70 years ago, the F.B.I. was leading the nation’s effort to purge the federal government of all LGBTQ+ employees.  Today, the F.B.I. is setting the example for all of law enforcement by recognizing the importance of educating law enforcement leaders about the LGBTQ+ community including those members who serve within law enforcement. We are humbled and truly honored to be part of this historic training.”

In 2016, Out To Protect created a comprehensive LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement training program and has trained law enforcement professionals from all corners of the nation. This training is offered online free of charge to any member of law enforcement.  Since 2016, Out To Protect partnered with the Napa Valley Criminal Justice Training Center to present an LGBT Awareness For Law Enforcement Training For Trainers course.  For California, this training supports the requirements of California Penal Code section 13519.41 which requires peace officers and 9-1-1 dispatchers in the state complete LGBT awareness training.

Out To Protect is an official partner with the F.B.I. Office of Partner Engagement.