Press Release: New Partnership With Lexipol

Out To Protect Announces New Partnership With Lexipol

July 13, 2023 (Santa Rosa, CA) Out to Protect announced today a new partnership with Lexipol and Cordico.

Lexipol as created by two attorneys in 2003 with “a vision of a better safer way to run a public safety agency.” Since that time, Lexipol has grown “to form an entire risk management solution for public safety and local government” including “comprehensive, continuously updated policies for public safety agencies, online training, wellness resources, grant services and an electronic policy management platform, as well as the digital communities Police1, FireRescue1, Corrections1, EMS1 and Gov1.” Today Lexipol supports 11,000 first responder agencies and over 2 million first responder professionals.

One of Lexipol’s flagship programs in Cordico, a complete wellness solution for public safety agencies. Cordico provides “access to critical mental health information and resources to help those on the front lines best take care of themselves and ensure they are best prepared to serve others.”

Out to Protect founder and CEO Greg Miraglia said, “We are excited to be partnering with Lexipol and Cordico, a premier organization supporting law enforcement and all first responder agencies. Officer wellness is an important concern and we look forward to contributing our knowledge and expertise to support the well being of LGBTQ+ members of law enforcement and other first responder agencies.”