Meet Deputy Anthony Kasper

Deputy Anthony Kasper wrote a letter of encouragement featured in our new book that offers support especially for LGBT youth.  He is a pioneer of sorts being the first openly gay deputy sheriff hired by the department he now works for here in California.

IMG_1290“Before January 20, 2012, I would have never thought I would be serving as openly gay deputy sheriff.  I can truly say my life changed forever thanks to the great work Greg Miraglia has done with inspiring the men and woman in law enforcement on being openly LGBTQ.

I grew up in a very conservative county. As a young police cadet, who was also a closeted gay man, I quickly learned about and experienced the homophobia in law enforcement.  The openly derrogatory remarks made by my police mentors lead me to believe that I was going to be the only gay police officer in law enforcement.

The first time I met Greg Miraglia was when I joined the police academy in 2012. Greg was one of my Academy instructors.  By being openly gay, Greg gave me the courage to come out. In just a short three years time, not only was I hired as the first openly gay Deputy Sheriff in my county, I also married the love of my life. It truly gets better and it starts with the great work Greg teaches and this great book.”

Anthony Kasper

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