LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy Course

The LGBT Law Enforcement Liaison Academy includes this master class, the LGBT Awareness Training For Trainers class and the Hate Crimes Investigations class. Access to all three classes will be provided through this one tuition payment. If you have already completed the LGBT Awareness Training For Trainers class and or the Hate Crimes Investigations class within the last year, you are eligible for a tuition discount of $20. In the course, you will be asked to submit a copy of your course certificate to meet this requirement.  If you qualify use the discount code of OTP20.

Select the number of students you wish to register and click the Add To Cart button.  Payment will be processed exclusively via credit card and PayPal.

IMPORTANT: Once fee processing is complete, you will be directed a Purchase Confirmation page with a link to download a PDF document with the URL and instructions required to gain access to the online course in the Canvas Learning Management System. You will also be emailed a receipt for your payment that will also include links to download the instructions. If you are a training manager processing this payment for an employee, please forward the registration instructions document to the employee after downloading.

The course must be completed by the course end date.  No extensions will be provided. Course fees are final and non-refundable once submitted.