Complete Training Package

So often we hear from law enforcement agencies that they don’t have the funding or expertise available to provide cultural competence training on LGBT issues for their personnel.  Here are the top five excuses we’ve collected over the years.

“We don’t have any LGBT employees working for us, so there is no need for this training.”

“We don’t have enough money to pay for training that isn’t required for our officers.”

“We haven’t had any complaints, so we don’t have a problem with LGBT issues.”

“We don’t have any trainers or experts to provide this training in-house.”

“We don’t have the time or resources to research and create training on this topic.”

While there may not be any LGBT employees who are “out” in the work place, it’s likely they are, or have been, present in the rank and file at some point in time.  But in all cases, every jurisdiction has a population of LGBT citizens to be served.  The absence of complaints is not a reliable indicator of how LGBT citizens feel about their law enforcement agency.  In fact, silence is often an indication of trouble.  And dismissing a training need because it isn’t required by law or regulation won’t protect your department from being sued for harassment or discrimination.  Indifference is a liability.

The good news is that we’ve solved all of these problems and now there is no excuse to not provide LGBT awareness training for your personnel.

Here is what our complete training package includes:

  1. A textbook with complete and current information that law enforcement needs to understand and serve the LGBT community and LGBT co-workers.  The book is available in hard copy and e-format to fit any budget.
  2. Course outlines, learning outcomes, and lesson plans that incorporate the book with activities and critical thinking questions that can be used for in-service classes and college courses.  These materials are free for law enforcement instructors who use our book.
  3. A free online training course that provides it all with no need for an expert onsite.  Personnel can complete the training online using any mobile device as time is available.  It can be taken just as easily in a patrol car as it can while sitting at a desk.

Our book, the instructional materials and online course are all connected and can be used in- part or together to provide a meaningful training experience.  Whether used in a college class or law enforcement training academy, we’ve done all the work for you to improve the cultural competence of law enforcement professionals and students.

If you don’t have the expertise at your agency, but want to provide training in-person, we have trainers and speakers who are can come to your academy, agency, classroom or conference to provide any number of programs.

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