Spring 2010 Scholarship Award

On June 12, 2011, we awarded our first scholarship to Julianne Zuniga. Ms. Zuniga graduated from the Napa Valley College Criminal Justice Training Center and was the first person to be selected to receive an Out To Protect Scholarship Award. Ms. Zuniga came out to her class as a lesbian early on the in academy and was a role model throughout the program. She was selected by her peers and the academy staff to be a permanent squad leader. Throughout the academy program, she demonstrated ethical decision making and always stayed true to who she is. “I have achieved many goals in the police academy. I never thought it would be this tough to go through training, both physically and mentally and I am proud to say that I have made it. I plan to continue being an effective role model as a lesbian by never letting go of my morals and ethics. I will continue to be an effective leader in the agency that I work in and always set my standards high for others to follow. I will stay true to myself and always do what is right. I will never hide who I truly am and I will stand proud” Zuniga said.