New International LGBT Workplace Study

We are excited to support an important research project that promises to help public safety agency executives understand how to better support LGBT employees.  Several distinguished LGBT law enforcement organizations have come together with researchers from Eastern Michigan University to conduct an extensive survey of LGBT public safety employees and their experience while in the workplace.  We fully support this effort and ask that you join us by investing some time to complete this survey.  Here is the press release about this project.

“Researchers from Eastern Michigan University, in collaboration with the Michigan Project for Informed Public, Policy, the Michigan Gay Officers Action League and Law Enforcement Gays and Lesbians International, with input from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, are looking for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) law enforcement, public safety, corrections and criminal justice professionals to participate in an online research study. This groundbreaking international study will survey LGBT professionals to better understand how gender and sexual orientation factors may affect how these professionals experience their work environments. The study will also examine how such identities are associated with feelings of job satisfaction and support, and overall emotional health. Participants will be asked to complete a series of on-line questionnaires on various topics relating to their experiences as an LGBT professional employee.  A large and representative respondent sample is needed to produce reliable and valid survey data.  Researchers hope to capture a wide variety of professional classifications, representing various areas of the country and world, urban and rural, and from all sizes of communities and jurisdictions. To participate in the survey, visit

For more information, contact Michael Evitts at; or Stephen Jefferson at Please share this opportunity with your LGBT public safety colleagues.”

Click Here To Complete The Survey