Exclusive Logo Items

Welcome to our logo item store. We offer an array of items customized with our logo. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these items goes to support our Out To Protect Scholarship Program. This scholarship supports “out” LGBT students currently attending a basic law enforcement training program. If you are not familiar with our scholarship program, we invite you to learn more at www.outtoprotect.org.

The two badges used in our logo are the actual badges worn by the author of our books, Greg Miraglia. The images were first created in 2007 for the cover of our first book, “Coming Out From Behind The Badge.” The seven-point star badge with the rainbow colored center was created in 2009 as the logo for our Out To Protect Scholarship Program. Both badges were brought together again in 2011 for the cover of “American Heroes Coming Out From Behind The Badge” and is now the offcial logo for our publication company.

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